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Employment at NREL

NREL has job openings for highly qualified scientists, engineers, research technicians, project leaders, analysts, and other professionals in a variety of careers. As a member of the NREL team, a NREL employee will be involved in a growing, dynamic national laboratory that is developing new energy technologies to benefit our environment and economy. Visit NREL Jobs page for a complete list of job openings.

Electric Vehicle Grid Integration Engineer 2/24/2010

Internship and Graduate Programs at NREL

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) Program at NREL
SULI is a DOE Office of Science internship program that can be found at multiple national laboratories across the country. This program places students in paid internships in Science and Engineering at any of several Department of Energy facilities, including NREL. Many of the participants in the program have decided on a career in science and engineering because of the nature of the experience. Students work with scientists or engineers on projects related to the laboratories' research programs.

This is a competitive program and students from all over the United States apply. The application opens on October 1 and will remain open until February 1. SULI is only open to undergraduates who have completed their first year. The application and additional information can be found at Science Energy Website..

Research Participant Program
NREL is committed to interacting with educational institutions, industry, and other research organizations through our Research Participant Program. In return, participants are involved in exciting discoveries that go on here every day. Qualified university faculty, students, and professional scientists and engineers have the opportunity to participate in the Laboratory's research and development programs, initiate new areas of research, and establish a base for ongoing collaborations. You also can develop expertise in disciplines related to renewable energy research for application at your home institution or in your future career pursuits.

To learn more visit the RPP website. For information on current openings, select "Search Openings" on the Job Openings page and then select "Research Participant Program" from the "Job Group" list.

Graduate Fellowship Program
The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science (SC) has established the DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE SCGF) program to support outstanding students to pursue graduate training in basic research in areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational sciences, and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science and to encourage the development of the next generation scientific and technical talent in the U.S.

Intern Graduate-Electrice Vehicle Grid Integration 2/24/2010

Other Energy Employment Opportunities

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Lists of multiple job openings in a single document

    Job Listings April 1, 2011
    Job Listings February 25, 2011

Job Listings for Individual Companies or Organizations

    Commercial Buildings Program -Governors Energy Office March 16, 2011
    Associate, Policy Regulatory Team, Dept of Energy March 3, 2011
    Senior Analyst, Policy and Regulation Team, Dept of Energy March 3, 2011
    Staff Assistant for Interwest Energy Alliance January 21, 2011
    Regional Representative for AWEA  January 21, 2011

Internship, Fellowship, and Postdoc Listings

    Post Doc Fellowship Program at DOE March 28, 2011

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